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I recently went to purchase a site through Flippa, bought it instantly and the transaction went through immediately (funny how they are happy enough to take your money in an instant).

After the sale commenced, the 'seller' (who afterward divulged that he was selling on behalf of another person) transferred the domain name and after many failed attempts, managed to transfer the 'website files' as a .ZIP file. The contents of the .ZIP failed to be compressed correctly, but I eventually managed to get into it.

After attempting to setup the site on my own hosting, I discovered that no dynamic files were present or anything which would actually allow the site to operate as it was listed.... merely large collection of static HTML files.

I reported this to the seller but to no avail, and when I attempted to dispute this through Flippa the customer rep left me the very rude message which you can see attached as a screenshot.

I have had to re-build the site from scratch and is now up and running, all to extra expense to myself ... but Flippa took so long to analyse the dispute (around 2 weeks) that I had no choice by to begin rebuilding the site from scratch in order to make use of the traffic I was receiving.

I however, attached the .ZIP file of non-working website files to a support ticket which the SAME support agent had access too but clearly just ignored.

Flippa then closed my dispute and decreed that I still keep the payment valid.

Absolutely disgusted that I am now out of pocket, spent my own time having to rebuild the site from scratch and the absolutely abysmal customer service!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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San Francisco, California, United States #951433

I also had two separate experiences with Josh W where he was quite rude and completely unhelpful. I try to remember that this peon is, like most, overworked and underpaid.


Did you try to open dispute from your payment processor?

Plymouth, England, United Kingdom #879307

Unfortunately not, this was 'Martin F'

to james93parsons #885471

I've talked to Martin F, it wasn't pleasant talking to him too. Martin is the head of "Customer Success Team" in San francisco.

But trust me, mine was worst than this. All in all, Flippa's customer's service is bad and their employees are rude.

Except the guy name Ian, he's very friendly.


Any Chance this Flippa Customer support name is "Josh W."? He is very rude indeed.

to Anonymous San Francisco, California, United States #894072

Josh Woods of flippa was a nightmare, now it appears that Martin Ford is the new resident "Infant Terrible"

Martin Ford become nasty and will threaten to ban you if you dare use logic or ask him to abide by Flippa's TOS.

Horrid person. He is destroying Flippa with his nasty behavior.

I've taken screenshots of his inaneness.

to TheWatcher San Francisco, California, United States #894084

Enfant Terrible, rather.

to TheWatcher #982858

Yeah, Josh W at Flippa is an embarrassment. A rotten human being with absolutely no skill other than *** people off.

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