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To put it simply, Flippa is an online platform allowing people to sell their websites, apps and domain names through an auction system.

I decided to use them (December 2015) in order to sell one of my online businesses and was really happy to find out that they are now offering a system called “Flippa Escrow” to handle transactions safely.

The way Flippa Escrow works is pretty simple:

- The buyer send the money to Flippa Escrow

- Flippa Escrow locks the money on their Platform

- The seller verify his identity and transfer the website

- The buyer is happy and click on the “Release Funds” button

- Flippa Escrow sends the money to the seller

Sounds great, right? If only it was working that way…

After accepting a high offer for my website ($XX,XXX), the buyer and I started using Flippa Escrow. We received a first message from a person called Genie Guo, to congratulate us for the sale and connecting us personally to “Ian McFaul” (head of customer success at Flippa Escrow). He also mentioned that if we had any questions during the Flippa Escrow process, we could reach out to them directly.

I then received a second email from Ian McFaul saying that they will contact me soon to ask me for specific documents in order to verify my identity. Fair enough. I told him to let me know what are the needed documents and that I will send them to him quickly.

At that time, both the buyer and I, were really pleased. The very same day the auction ended, the buyer sent the money to Flippa Escrow. However, after a week without seeing the money on Flippa Escrow, we contacted them.

They told us (Ian McFaul) that there was $20 missing (because of bank processing fees) and that they sent a message to the buyer to let him know about the issue and asked him to send the missing $20 via Paypal. Oddly, the buyer never received such a message (and it wasn’t in his junk folder)… Anyway, he quickly sent the $20 missing. The money was (finally) received by Flippa Escrow.

I then focused on transferring my website and all the files / assets. I made sure to organize everything well to make things easier for the buyer and he was really pleased.

Few days later, I received a message from Flippa Escrow saying that I haven’t replied to their previous message regarding the documents needed to verify my identity. They also said that, if I don’t send them these documents soon, they won’t send me the money and will ban me from Flippa. Wooow.

Oddly (again), this message never reached my mailbox (though most of the others did). I never received any messages from Flippa asking me for specific documents. So I got back to them quickly, apologized, and asked them to tell me more about the needed documents (I made sure to CC Ian McFaul).

I then received a reply from Ian, telling me that they needed a photo of my passport and a photo of myself holding the passport. I quickly took the photos and sent everything back to them few minutes after receiving his message.

I thought everything was ok and I finished to transfer the website to the buyer. He was really satisfied.

After couple of days, I received a another message from Flippa Escrow saying that they haven’t heard back from me and haven’t received the required documents needed to verify my identity. I started feeling frustrated as I already sent them everything couple of days ago. So I replied to their email, told them that I have already sent them all the documents, but, just in case, I’ll send them again. I attached the required documents and also sent them via WeTransfer (as Flippa gave me a link to their account).

I got a notification from WeTransfer saying that Flippa Escrow downloaded my files. I then received a mail from Flippa Escrow saying that my identity was now verified.

I then asked the buyer to release the funds (which he did in the next minutes). I thought everything was finally over and that the money was on its way to my bank account. But it wasn’t the case…

Few days later, I received another email from Flippa Escrow saying that they haven’t heard back from me regarding the needed documents and that they will ban me (and keep the money) if I don’t send them. At that time, I was really angry. I replied to their message, telling them that I have already sent them everything several times. I re-attached all the documents, sent the WeTransfer link, added screenshots (of their messages saying that my identity was verified and another screenshot proving that they have downloaded the files). I sent this email to all the Flippa contacts I currently have (escrow support, flippa support, Ian McFaul, Genie Guo…).

Since then (and it’s been more than a week), they have been ignoring me totally. I sent them several other messages, asking them to update me and find a solution to this issue but… nothing.

I don’t understand how a big company like Flippa can treat their customers so badly. Would it hurt them to send me a message saying “Hey, we are sorry about the issue you’re experiencing with Flippa Escrow. We are currently working on it and it will be solved soon. We will update you tomorrow.”?

They have been really quick to withdraw their “success fees” ($X,XXX). Why can’t they do the same for their sellers?

As of today, I still haven’t heard back from them. I am now sending them messages everyday but it looks like they don’t care at all. Great, right?

I hope my issue will be solved in the coming days. The next time I am planning to sell one of my websites, I will definitely choose a different platform.


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Flippa Escrow does NOT have correct license to perform Escrow services in USA. They are tricky and use Wells Fargo's own service. Escrow.com has held a reall escrow license in Cali for over 15 years.


I absolutely agree with you on that and more. Flippa itself is the root to all problems as they are a bunch of money hungry guys who don't care for anything except making money from every corner, listings, commissions, Escrow, Exchange rate and ...

Their customer service is the worst in the industry you can check all the complaints on TrustPilot. Send them an email and ask for emergency support all you get is an automated email back with a thicket number promising to respond within 24 hours - Imagine you asked for an emergency support - then if lucky passed 24 hours they send you an email that their team Z will review it, by the time it's reviewed god bless you might be dead . Best name for them is death doctors online!

They don't respond to an emergency support email in less than 24 hours but write a negative review online and within a few minutes they write back bringing all the excuses in the whole world. Well, soon there would be a service-oriented and customer listner and resctful competiton !

to Norm #1579471

Their escrow company ONLY has a limited license in AU. It's a license for corner stores and bodegas basically.

Their whole offer of escrow services worldwide is hilarious. Run screaming.


I still can't believe people use flippa. They have the worst customer service and try to drag time to pay the sellers.

They also took the escrow.com option and added the flippa escrow, which sucks big time.

Escrow.com is well establised unlike flippa escrow. Stopped using them long time ago!

New York, New York, United States #1328962

nOW pROMISE pAY HAS rebranded themselves as assembly payments.



Hi did you get your payment?I to have a transaction pending with flippa escrow.Same procedure as you.

to Anonymous #1179933

Flippa escrow is a nightmare for Sellers! Use escrow.com, paypal or merchant account accepting credit cards.


Hi Ben, can you please let us know how things ended with flippa?

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